t4 kind of useless?

I think t4 ships should have some reason for them to be used besides a transition to t5.  t1 and t2 serve as a beginner’s point,  t3 allows you to have the best ships for 4-9 pve,  but t4 has no use. I have no reason to upgrade the modules, and the ships are borderline useless for pve. They only are there to be leveled up before t5, and I wonder if there could be some t4 only missions that maybe would make these ships better utilized?  


Something like sec-conquest or spec-ops but only t4 ships allowed would be preferable, so you can not have to work about r15 premiums making you obsolete, and also enjoy the ships in a field where they have maximum usefulness. 


Another option could be to give t4 ships something that incentivizes people to use them, maybe credit boosts periodically, or something else would be fine… I just want to feel like these ships have a competitive aspect beyond pvp only.

T4 looks cool. But that’s all I got. XD

Think about Loki, Sawtooth, Cutter, Polus, Atlas, Etc.

For RU and most part EU it is more populated than T5, for NA it is a “skip to the top” tier that no one plays at

Ironically T4 is the most balanced tier in the game

t4 is most balanced but it’s also useless. most useful is t3 or t5. IMO at least. 

i love t4, on europe peak times there are bigger games and its great fun

maybe you guys are right I should just enjoy the pvp t4 :-p

i kinda like t4 more than t3… i have my cow, iras older sis, good ol sawtooth and so on… company is good :slight_smile:

t5 is for pros. t4 is for us ordinary mortal scum


ps only thing i dont like is beacon capture, its uncertain outcome trough most of the game, either team dies out, or enemy caps faster or anything can happen. gotta be focused 100% all the time… but oh well its fun too in its own way