T4 Destroyers are Scary !!!


Played a game last night couldn’t believe my eyes.  T3 Destroyers hiding, and staying in their own Spawn !! 


@ 1:23 I stopped dogfighting completely when I saw where the rest of my team was.  

The trick is to not let them hide, and that spawn camp is typcially just black hole city^^

And that Brave is the weakest one…

WP, btw :smiley:

I don’t like them



Time to leave DessieConflict and go play some fun games o7



Same game. . . I even got yummy to admit destroyers are more OP than other ships :


“Look at all the non destroyers, they are dead”


Same guy who said destroyers are not OP and Interceptors are : (I love this guy)


… (I love this guy)


Let it go Adam. You can’t win this.



I’m not sure what’s wrong with tummy. Sometimes he’s vaguely logical and others… Well…

I’m not sure what’s wrong with tummy. Sometimes he’s vaguely logical and others… Well…

he’s contrary.

hahahaha i can see he made a lot of friends…

Nice vid :006j:


Perfectly highlights the problem that exists in both handing out neodium like candy and the broker missions.


2 decent r8/9 players can take out a r11 without much issue if they strike together. Thats the problem tho ‘decent’ players. Guy on that vid could have had him full broadside guns blazing and dead when he pushed forward, no barrier no ship. Instead jumps away and shoots the side the enemy is focused on protecting :01414:

The broker missions are part of the same prob, im guilty of it too. As part of everyones daily now for rare stuff its ‘fit this ship now kill ppl’ They everywhere and the saturation is making pvp dull. Why would i head for the beacon in destroyer when circling around the long way to kill enemy destros and cap attempters is worth more. PVP is a coin flip now who knows what your team will do anymore, too many ‘objectives’ for such little minds/greedy paws.


Though as i say ‘decent’ players. There is never any excuse good enough to sit in spawn.


R8 destoyers mostly are like giving a child a claw hammer. Dangerous but probably only to themselves and other children. :005j: