T4 Cup


Registration for the “T4 Cup” is open. This cup will take all February!


Location - “Threshold”
Teams - minimum 8х8, maximum 12х12, (details below)
Technical level  - T4
Game mods:  Each match is best of 3: the first and the second rounds - Team battle, the third - Domination
Date: February 15th, 21th, 22th. Time 18:00 - 22:00 (UTC+3)
Bracket - Double elimination

  1. The technical level of ships: Rank 10-12.
  2. Friendly fire is activated.
  3. Crafted combat drones and “Doomsday” missiles are forbidden. Missiles “MEM Inquisitor” and “Christmas fireworks” are forbidden.
  4. Weapon Мк.5, Ammunition Мк.4 (from the game mode “Attacked sectors”) - allowed.
  5. New weapons: “Phaser”, “Scatter Gun” and “Radiation Beam” - forbidden.
  6. For not coming to the battle or being late more than 10 minutes, team gets a technical defeat.
  7. For contract battle both teams will be disqualified from the cup at any stage.
  8. During the battle if someone disconnects, the match won’t be interrupted.
  9. Reserve players should be mentioned in the list. Tell the administration of the cup, if you need to replace the player.
  10. Replacing players without the consent of the administration of the cup is not allowed.
  11. For misconduct of individual players on the team - namely, incorrect statements about the other team, observers, commentators and streamers, for unsporting behavior - the player is cautioned - with repeated warnings player is suspended from participation in the cup and then the team plays without this player until the end of the cup.
  12. The server is selected by the administration of the cup with the best possible performance for the teams.
  13. The number of ships in slots: 1 to 4.
  14. Mixed teams are allowed (players from different corporations).


  1. Battles in each stage are held simultaneously, some by organizers, some by players under the supervision of observers, who report with the screenshots.
  2. For each passed stage of the cup the team will be rewarded. Then all rewards get added to the final reward (prizes).
  3. In the Team battle game mode for each destroyed enemy ship, the team gets Galactic Standards regardless of the outcome of the battle.
  4. Explanation of the number of players in battle: 8 players is minimum to participate in the cup. The maximum team size - 8 players plus 4 reserve players. Battles will be played with the maximum number of players. For example, if team A has 8+2 players, and team B has 8+4 players, and  all players are online and ready to play , in this case there will 10 vs 10 battle.
    It is desirable to notify the administration before the battle about the amount players that can play.
    Application form:
  5. Team’s name.
  6. Captain’s name.
  7. List of players, including reserve: 8 main team + up to 4 reserve.
    Application Deadline - February 13th,  23:59 (UTC+3). 
    The application must be published in this [thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26040-t4-cup-discussion/).
  8. For each winning stage of the cup the team gets 500 Galactic Standards. Plus the final prizes:
    1st place + 4500 Galactic Standards
    2nd place + 3000 Galactic Standards
    3rd place + 1500 Galactic Standards
  9. In the Team battle game mode for each destroyed enemy ship team gets 50 Galactic Standards.

More information about the beginning of the battles will be a little bit later.


Discussions go [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/26040-t4-cup-discussion/).