T3 Spec Ops Group - EU Timezone - Apply here!

Hello boys and girls, I feel like doing some spec-ops, issue is when I solo:

  • People don’t take dupes
  • Half the team die within minutes
  • People take stupid ships for the mission, often under ranked e.g. r7 for T3 mission or r10 tackler for T4 missions

So usually it fails and fails slowly. Now, I want my daily pink dot (spec ops) and I’m sure other people do. The issue is having enough competent people online.

I don’t know the perfect team comp so all I ask is you post what ships you can use for the defiler and what you think a good team comp would be. So:

  1. Ships you can use
  2. Times you can play
  3. Your timezone
  4. Team comp idea


  1. Styx, Invincible
  2. 5pm - 10pm
  3. GMT
  4. 2 Engi (For heals), 1 Cov-ops (To nuke torps), 9 LRF or Destroyer (for dps)


From Xelavian


Destroyers just deal raw damage to take down shells, cores, and emitters much faster, and 3 of the ELRFs are equipped with Beam Cannons so they can take down the Torpedos faster, and take out the Gravity generator things faster and easier. All other ELRFs take Coils for splash damage and DPS. Maximize range on ELRFs.


If you have more Covies, then you have too many weak ships that really can’t do anything besides plant nukes, which is not a very constant source of DPS.
Just completed a T3 Spec Ops in 4:32 using that strategy.


  1. Prometheus, Valor

  2. whenever I’m online (no regular times)

  3. UTC+1