T3 Phase Suppressor missing.

I’ve completed the 20 pvp agent kills mission of the ‘Wanted: Miss summer’ event, yet after redeeming the mission, I have not received the T3 Phase Suppressor weapon.

I’m hereby requesting a copy of said weapon.

I was redeeming the mission right after finishing a pvp battle, where my game still considered my ships to be in battle, that might have some relation to this bug occuring.


As you can see in the attached image, I do not own the T3 Phase Suppressor, while I’m on the mission for the T4 version.

I did not sell/scrap said weapon, that’d be daft and I don’t even know if it’s possible.



Letter with your gun was jammed in the ingame mail. You will receive it in a couple of days

Curious enough I have the exact same issue for the T3 Phase Suppressor as well as the T3 Flux Phaser. 


I even have the T4 Flux Phaser in my inventory.

It has been a while and still no T3 Phase Suppressor or T3 Flux Phaser.


I am at a loss here. Anyone else had or has this problem?

I got mine straight away. Have you checked directly from a T3 ship’s weapon slot?

Someone had suggested that on the general chat.


I have checked my T3 ships, later removed all modules from all my ships just to be sure and I checked my inventory again. Only the T4 ones are available.

If I did receive them then they have been destroyed or sold? But I don’t recall selling/salvaging any equipment.