T3 Jericho interceptors

Hi all, this is just a quick query, really. After some time trying, I’ve finally “clicked” with my interceptors and have come to love the Jericho covert ops ship in T2. Having decided to look into it as an option for T3, I’ve noticed that there are four options for ECM and only one for covert ops. I have to ask, is there some point to the structure that I’m missing, or is this just a “quirk” of the game? I get that my option for a premium at any one level shouldn’t be too different from what I can get from playing, in order to avoid slipping into pay to win territory, but still, one covert ops vs four ECM total for T3; does it make sense to anyone else?


Cheers, Trutard

Jericho are mainly ecm ships, empire recon and federation covert ops. Covert ops is a secundary class in jericho, as ecm is in empire and recon is in federation.

The ship classes are not currently divvied up equally.  That may or may not change in the future.