T3 Frigates

Could just be me but are T3 frigates unmovable so therefore i feel unable to defend close locally


this is comming from T2 fed frigates

Um… Your not making much sense in my head.

Please explain again and more carefully :open_mouth:

ok i have played frig in T1 and T2 and can go against a fighter


 And just got to T3 and cant do xxxx against anything.

I have equiped decent equipment as well waited till i could afford decent stuff.


Get owned every match against every other ship

Get destroyed within 4 seconds against every other ship.


This is supposed to be a frigate heavily Armored against enemy weapons. I did not want to buy a ship made of Tin !!

Hmm… I’m doing fine in my T3 Frigates :open_mouth:

What exactly do you mean by decent equipment?

Is your ship actually specialized in anything? :open_mouth:


Also try to choose your target’s carefully, try to identify their gun types before engaging etc (8


T3 frigs are better do to forth active at rank 9

Decent equipment all the T3.3 i can get if not that the 3.2 I havnt just chucked on 3.1 stuff

Have upgraded to the Anaconda M to see if it handles better due to lower hull rating but just seem to get pasted quicker.



Could be my play style but T2 i used to be able to go in and support my team with cover fire. (used rapid fire plasma) close range

Wade right in take the pounding from all sides but get 5/6 assists and about 7 kills per match with that style. (thats probably a generous average :D)


In T3 i have to cower behind cover and only poke my nose out every now and then because almost all ships have such powerful weaponry that they can take me out in a few shots.

No point in using Rapid fire plasma now, as cant go anywhere the T3 frigates are so much slower and by the time i get close to anybody im dead already.

So upgraded to Heavy plasma, Turrets turn so slow i can actually turn the frigate faster than i can aim :confused: and that is already not Fast.

 So now i am forced into the role of make everybody else do the work and steal kills as and when i can …


I want to get into the fight with my team and support them which i supposed to be the role of a frigate.



And… while im ranting STOP IT WITH THE DAMN CAPTAIN MISSIONS !!! i like them but 95% of the missions are the captain missions atm.

Seems that you are not prepared for t3 fights yet. Try to return back to t2 for a week or two. Moving up in ranks is too fast todays… People still don’t know how to fly, shoot, fit etc. You need more experience at t2 before you feel ready to t3+ fights. T3+ is completely different gameplay and it is quite hard(core). And I like this.

I am ducking Back into T2 every now and then tbh,

Just feel the frigate gets pounded by everything on T3, :confused:



I did enjoy the difference in gameplay going from T1 to T2 found T2 so much more enjoyable,

Flying isnt the issue for me so much, I have good spatial awareness (most of the time :smiley: ) but just find i cant combat figters close range anymore, cant take short range weaponry due to lack of hull in the amount of time it takes to get to the enemy,


Will keep playing see if things get better.

e.g. ME !!

How is your equipment? I mean, what do you equip on your frigate (all the modules)? Do you have resistances? What do you use for self healing, if anything?

adapt to t3 

it feels like the pinnacle of the action right now lol

and btw as a fed frigate 

dont try to go guns blazing in fire support its more like slow down, press tab see where your team is going and go with the majority and then provide cover fire <— 3000m range with lazors for fighters/interceptors or heavy plasma if you want to try your luck lol but its more suitable for frigate killing(will still take about 6hits or so on average to destroy their shield or hull only)

but think yourself as a expendable sort of ship lol 

thats how i play but you can always think of your own style bro

Fed frigates are closes range support but you always want to have cover, a lot of your mods don’t need you to have line of sigh. Hell even if the cover is just the beacon.

Frigates are squishy if not build on resistances and beef. Average lifetime of them is 10 seconds against other frigs 20 against fighter and 30 and up against interceptor. Using support as well as a build based on Resis will make them hard to be taken out.


As excample i will use my current Crus Type S Synergy on max (7):


No skills and Equipment


Basic Shield: 15215,2 (+1630,2)

Shield Regen: 108,7

Basic Hull: 5891,5 (+486,5)


Resis on Shield:

Kin: 45

EMP: -15

Them: 15


Resis on Hull:

Kin: -15

EMP: 45

Therm: 15



Using my Balance Tool for calculation



Lifetime of Shields against Heavy Plama t3 mk3 of Fighter without any Mods or boosts:


6,4 seconds


Lifetime of Hull against Heavy Plasma t3 mk3 with 1% of Kinetic Damage Changer:


2,5 seconds




8,9 seconds!


Chese? CHESE!!!


His Weapon will not even run into Overheat here…


Now the Build i do use:



Jericho T1 all

Fed T2-1

Empire T2-2

Jericho T2-3

Fed T3-1 and 2

Jericho T3-3


Modules and Mods:


  • 30% more Shield

  • 42% more Hull (green mod)

  • Proton Wall mk3

  • 42 Resis EM

  • Emergency Barrier (+ 3 seconds lifetime on hull)

  • Shield Generator mk3 (+141 shield reg/s)

  • Weapon Inhibitor (-20,6% inc damage // purple mod)

  • Propulsion Inhibitor mk3

  • Pulsar (green mod)

  • Pulsdischarger mk3

  • Heavy Railgun (green)

  • Thermal Shells mk3




Shield: 19290,7

Shield Regen: 249,7 ( Shield Generator added here )

Hull: 8151,5


Resis Shield:

Kin: 77

EMP: 59

Therm: 47


Resis Hull:

Kin: 15

EMP: 75

Therm: 45


Lifetime of Shields against Heavy Plama t3 mk3 of Fighter without any Mods or boosts:


33,2 seconds


Lifetime of Hull against Heavy Plasma t3 mk3 with 1% of Kinetic Damage Changer:


13,5 seconds




46,7 seconds! /// 534% more than the basic ship can!


Anyone want a Tank??? Weapon Inhibit is included here! Fighters Weapon will run into overheat or must be throttled. In this case, the lifetime will be a bit better than shown here.


That is some diffrence isnt it???


You will have more than enough time to take him out in 1v1…

Thank you all for your help and advice.


I figured out what it was that i was doing wrong !!!

 Projectile speed was way to slow !!!


Just finished my first match with it sorted and got 10/2


Hopefully stays that way :smiley:


That calculator will be usefull

i think the point is not if we didn’t outfit it to be a tank with fully resist 

but more to the point of even if i outfit it to be full resist, it does not tank better than both jerry and empire frigates which supposedly are ‘long-range’ frigates

yes fed frigates have equal amount of hp and shields to empire and jerry but the stack efficiency is alot worst

because jerry and empire frigates have a larger shield/hull, they can focus their main resistance on it and worry less about the other

whereas fed frigates can either try to focus one(but fails at it) or try to focus both(may work better) and 

another thing is that jerry and empire frigates have way better base ship resists than feds(I’ve checked some but not all)

Gentaei few questions from one frig pilot to another whats a Pulsdischarger and how do I read your skill list don’t you only get one choice per rank?

i think its that module that increase damage dealt in return for lesser energy regeneration by about 13.5% for -20%++ energy at mk2

yeah found the mod