T3 figther overview?

Good evening


If someone could shortly describe each of the factions T3 fighters i’d be immensly grateful


Atm i’m flying jericho (Machete-S) and i’m enjoying it immensly: full command links + assault rails, so i’m hanging at the first line, boost and take potshots. pasiively shield tanked, and the buffer is good (nothing epic, but it gives me the option of GTFO-ing)


Now, i can fly t3 jeriicho and federation. And i have no idea what way to go, and i don’t have enough money to go both way…

So i’m sad :frowning:


Anyway, just a quick overview, pros, cons, and how they are flown.

I prefer command and mobility…


Thank you very much







Goes upto 599m/s.



Goes upto 599m/s.

holy xxxx holy xxxx holy xxxx…

it’s like the new inty…


any words about jericho?



I’d go for Fed fighters to be honest. 


phase shield is just a lame special. Jericho fighters are best used as ‘damage soaks’ and providing front-line buffs IMO. bring an aegis, valkyrie, target painter, and help other fighters focus targets down. you’ll wrack up tons of assists. bring in a shield booster to keep your shields health. once those go down you’re a sitting duck. 

yes, thanks, you’ve hit the nerve


i love flying command ships, and it seams that atm fed is the way to go :frowning:


so sad, i love my jericho…

Yup, Jericho is a bit “meh” atm, they do nothing that well.


Medicore/Awful tank

Lack of Speed to make up for lack of tank

Lack of damage/survival compared to Empire.