T3 Federation - LFCorp

Looking for a Corporation:
Running only a Gunship, suits me the best! :slight_smile:


Attached is my Screen w/ Stats


If you’re interested in an active corporation, you might check out Dynamis. We don’t have the most Tier 3 players, but there are a few and they aren’t too shabby.


Visit our website (link in my sig) to apply and contact one of our officers in-game.

feel free to check us out mate have players from around the world



sigh - another victim of the federation gunship myth … been there mate. look us up when you need a shoulder to cry on.

Join NASA for T3 matches and DOMINIANCE over DYN and Steel Maraders. 


Im calling ya out guys! WOOOOO!!!  :Dwop

Thanks for the typo - you’ve made it to the top of my 1 man wanted list

I like making enemys! Why you may ask? Because the more pressure you have, the better pilot you will be!