T3 dilemma

Up till now I’ve played T3 exclusively since I’ve found it pretty fun and didn’t want to grind further. But now I feel like some game modes you just auto-lose without destroyers. E.g. I was in a combat recon match as commander with my Valor, and I just die to two destroyers blue balling next to me. There’s literally nothing I can do; I was pretty well positioned before and had teammates around but just die too quickly to the damage and instant repositioning those things have. Conversely when the enemy commander is in one of those there’s literally no way to kill him unless he’s extremely out of position (and even then he can just instantly teleport). 


But I can’t really just build a T3 destroyer without going into T5 it seems. The consensus seems to be that salvaging T5 Mk2 kits is the best way to get graphite, but people also seem to be against tier rushing which is the only way I can get to T5 in any reasonable amount of time to get graphite. The only ships I have above rank 9 are a rank 10 empire cov ops and a rank 11 jericho LRF, and I almost have enough credits for another ship. What should I do? I guess my 3 options to rush T5 for graphite are cov ops, JLRF or guard, with the fastest being the JLRF since it’s just one ship to get to rank 14. But JLRF are so weak in many game modes, so it’ll be harder to win matches to get loot. On the other hand cov ops is good at everything except combat recon and is the class I’m best at, and guard is probably usable in everything but I have very little practice playing guard ships. 

Contact me in game (ORCA1911, same name) and you will have your destro in no time, or what ever u need if not that lol.


Regarding the game modes, well, it’s kinda expected you have full 4 slots in a fighter-interceptor-frigate-destroyer way or what ever way of sorting you like. To be truly balanced as a player is not going only one role unless you’re in a big team like spec ops or something. I hope i was close to explaining it, i can offer help in game if you have the time and dont let the win/lose situation get to you.


Yeah, R7+ OS locations have a decent drop rate for minerals… just don’t be afraid to sneak in the middle of an alienish squad (cute preds, fat hunters and few ugly bios packed together) to take minerals. Yeah, i do sometimes stoopid things like that, but meh, it worked so far :004j: