T3 Bot fest

Why? Why did you have to add bots to T3 pvp?

There we are doing a perfectly fine match 3 vs 3, bam you add more then 6 bots at either side and it sudenly becomes a pve match where the team that can shoot the most bots wins…


The bots are almost instant kill, they fly in straight lines, they ruin team tactic, dont do objectives, they sometimes get stuck, if one of the team has a lrf bot then that bot dies a lot less giving that team a 3-4 point bonus in team battle.


It was worse enough you made T2 into an easy pve shooting range, why do you have to do the same with T3? People want to shoot bots then they do pve they dont go and play pvp to shoot more bots…




Increase queue times till you have enough players or dont add bots. Those are the 2 options you can choose from to save T3.


As it is now, its not fun, there is no skill or honor in shooting bots. Players dont learn a thing in T3 if you let them shoot immobile targets.


Conclusion: Very bad move, reverse it or see T3 die a silent dead.






Did bots outscore you on efficiency board, and now you are mad?

T4 and T5 have no bots, feel free to join us.

generally the int and fighter bots tend to instaplode since they get in close, dont really move and usually have xxxx lower rank ships with xxxx resistances. the frigates on the other hand. well engies are still stupid and easy to kill once the heal spam is on cooldown. lrf as you said sit bit to the back but are super squishy. and guards are the best thing your bots can get. why?? well they soak 3 times the damage other bots can. it is indeed a race who kills most bots once they spawn. maybe a reason they got bots in matches for the Nth time(and ppl always hate the devs for it after that) is cause they pushed ppl to play t5 now and t3 is less populated. this is a speculation because honestly i didnt find any problems with t3, but hey they have their almighty secret statistics on the game … also another super annoying thing bots tend to do is they spawn, lock on a target and FIRE ZE MISSILES. like literally they empty the whole magazine on whoever they lock on first.

“instaplode” - nice!

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