T2 Tournament reward goes over 1M cap limit for contracts

Bug report: 2 possible situations



1st possible situation.



Each faction’s side has 1 million limit (1000000) for the contracts/assignments.

T2 Tournaments rewards, if won, gave 5000,10000 or 20000 loyalty vouchers to all factions and sides!

I have 6 million loyalty vouchers/maximum amount and because of that, I got over the limit!





Example: I am 60000 vouchers over the cap/limit!



2nd possible explanation:


Regular assignments/contracts should go over the limit (above 1 million), but this does not apply so far for:


Open Space Mysterious Containers - 15000 loyalty vouchers (friend or foe module)

Open Space random loyalty vouchers (small amount 200-600)

Special Ops loyalty voucher rewards (15k for T5, 35k for T4)

Regular assignments/contract missions (PvP/PvE)

Green side mission/errand - 49500 loyalty vouchers


Solution: Remove the limit for the contracts entirely!

               Increase the limit to 10 million instead of 1 million!

Bug is known, will be fixed.

Bug is known, will be fixed.

*cackling and demonic chants can be heard in the distance just before Koromac loses 60K vouchers for each faction*

Bug is known, will be fixed.

By fixed, you mean that I will not lose a total of 360k loyalty vouchers!!

Increase the cap to 10M , or take the limit out!

If this is a bank, there should be no restriction, on how much resources you can have! It’s stupid! Seriously!

yeah, they already squeezed the extra 60k in there!