T2 Ships (Empire)

Hello forum. =) I Just started playing a couple days ago and I just hit Rank 3 with the Empire today. I’m looking at the T2 ships and I am very confused. The Hercules 2 seems overall better than the Hercules Arrow except in the area of resistances.  However, the Hercules 2 has much higher hull health. (I realize that the abilities of each ship are slightly different as well).


So my question is, are the resistances as good/better than the extra health provided by the Arrow? If not, why does the Arrow even exist, what is its role? I could see if it were faster or had more module slots but it has neither.

The Arrow is an offensive fighter (it does more damage, it doesn’t insult people) whereas the Hercules 2 is a tackler, meaning it gets in nice and close and holds stuff down while the team tears it apart, to do this it NEEDS to be tough.


That is the theory at least, although in reality the only module the arrow can actually take full advantage of is the target painter, which reduces the shield and hull resistances of an enemy ship.  I just used it as a makeshift command fighter, which was surprisingly effective.


Hope this helps…


BTW, Both the Arrow and the Hercules 2 are still T1 ships, need to fix your title  :learn:

As Hallow_Knight has stated, the difference is their roles. If you hold SHIFT and look at all the stats, you can see at the bottom what “Offensive” and “Tackler” bonuses will give you. In addition, those ships are actually still tier 1. Tier 2 ships begin from rank 4. You can tell by a little indicator in the top left of the ship icon.

Oh, I see it now. Thank you guys!


And sorry about the title, my eyes must have been playing tricks one me last night. =) Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I can edit it (or I’m just being stupid, lol).