T1 Pve Impossible compared to highter Tier Pve

seriously wat the hell


edit: pewpewpew…pew…

what? t1 pve is the easysest thing in existence! it is so easy that you can totally solo it!

the boss dies in a flash, there isn’t even a hard ship to beat etc.


may i ask what you have been trying? have you been using lasers? please tell us where your problem is and we can try to help you!

Flat out all t1 ships, its hard… I was with him on one match. Seconds I brought in my t2 hydra and we wiped the floor with everything.

really? i recall it being ways to easy, but i haven’t done t1 pve for ages (they changed it maybe?). with t2 ships it’s a piece of cake yeah :smiley:

Tier-1 PvE is so incredibly easy that in my opinion it could do with a bit of a tweak. The boss just dies too quickly compared to Tier-2, meaning that the difficulty scaling ramps up too quickly for most new players to be able to handle the higher tier version. (It’s amazing how many pugs fail to complete the Blackwood Shipyard mission at higher tiers)


If you’re struggling, make sure that your squad set-up at least makes some vague sense. Get an Engineer in there and ensure you have enough damage to take out the boss/stations in the 3rd and 2nd phases. The first phase is a total cakewalk.


Some good ships to have in your squads include Engineer frigates, possibly a Guard frigate if you’re getting overwhelmed by enemies. Good fighters to bring are Gunships for dps and a Command fighter for their group-wide buffs.


Don’t bother with sniper/long-range frigates or interceptors in PvE. It might look ‘cool’ to snipe or be invincible with all the bots chasing your inty, but you’re bringing virtually nothing to your team compared to the other choices.

i replayed the mission with 3 total beginners (standard ship, no matches yet) and won easyly. the mission is just as easy as i recall. i can’t understand your complains.

To the original poster - please give this PvE Guide a read. Follow those tips and report back here if you’re still struggling.


I genuinely cannot remember the last time I lost a PvE mission of any tier. In tier 1 specifically, the adds are not even Elites and the boss itself dies if you so much as sneeze in its direction.


Just remind your squad to hide when the game tells you to do so, and pop back out with full dps when the all clear message pops up. A lot of randoms seem to struggle with the concept of following those instructions, but the game does spell it out to them. (In a not too subtle manner either)


I wonder how most people would have done in the good old MMO days when boss fights didn’t include any form of ‘raid warnings’ and you had to figure things out by trial and error. (and three billion deaths)

i just did a random group T1 pve today and won easily…confused…why did the difficculty scale towarrds imposibble in all the days before i have no idea

Most likely because you were flying T2 PvE missions and not T1. You often get matched with a few T2 players, because the level of interest/activity in the T1 variant isn’t that high.


There currently is no good indication to realise what tier you are in, until you spot certain aspects. To know whether or not you are in a T1 version of the Blackwood mission (which is the only T1 mission available and in our experience the only mission which spawns if you have ANY tier-1 ships equipped in your squad) simply wait for the boss phase. The additional spawns that are triggered at 90% and 45% of his hull strength are all ‘normal’ with one elite. In T2, all those normal ones are elites as well.


The shield strength of the Punisher is laughable in T1. The difficulty ramps up steeply in the T2 variant and this is where most new players (to PvE) struggle.

I have seen people with all T1 ships get grouped in with T3 and T4’s


that poor xxxxxxx died almost out of the gate each round 

It seems to mostly happen when you queue with 3 people in a squad. We often get some poor sod who has never flown a single mission added to our team. Not that it matters to us - but I am pretty sure they get bored of watching others fly the mission :wink: