T-Rex MkIII built in Space Engineers

Greetings pilots. I have been working on this project for several days and now it’s finally done!  :005j:



I present you, the latest improvement of the T-Rex MkII:  T-rex MkIII




Its longitude is approximately 250 meters and it consists of more than 35000 blocks. 

You can even fly on planets with this colossus!

more pics!!

Also, can you fly it?

That pretty cool! Can you make a video? I uninstalled space engineers and don’t really want to download it again, but you might make me :stuck_out_tongue:

I never recorded an ingame video xD but I will try it out, I will upload more pics though. 

Just uploaded the final version of the ship. There was still a lot of fine-tuning to be done. Now it’s survival- and planet ready! :smiley:

love it. is it vanilla?

and smart to use those struts as decoys. seems like you imposed some logic over it to make it truly usable in the game. makes me even try it in a fight :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it’s vanilla. Makes it easier to download it. :slight_smile:

Update: replaced all ion thrusters with hydrogen thrusters, added a kinetic torpedo launcher, a gravity brake system and a lot of cool details. Everything is now wired together with conveyors. 


A lot of changes were made, so the ship got upgraded to the  T-Rex MkIII V2