System Hack cause the Attack Drones to self-destruct under Station Protection!

Bug report:



What happened?

Two players, me and Cailleach tested Attack Drones under ‘Active Station Protection’.

Apparently, System Hack can affect my drones, and I can affect his. They will self-destruct after, like 27 seconds later or something.


Example: (2 Attack Drones are taken over by System Hack, I took them back with my System Hack, in the end, all 4 Attack Drones are destroyed.)


What should have happened?

System Hack should not be able to affect and self-destruct the Attack Drones under ‘Active Station Protection’.



How to replicate this bug:

  • Equip ECM of Rank 15 (Karud or Caltrop)

  • Undock to Open Space with Station Protection enabled.

  • Your teammate/friend should do the same.

  • Leave the group for yourself and your teammate while in Open Space.

  • Deploy 2 Attack Drones, teammate, as well.

  • A teammate should use System Hack active module (ECM)

  • Wait for 30 seconds. (2 Attack Drones self-destruct) if activated again by your System Hack, all 4 Attack Drones will self-destruct).




Logs: (contain only data about this problem)

[2018.04.29](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16805)