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System: Erebus


Erebus System was settled many years ago as one of the main trade hubs of the sector. It was full of warehouses, manufacturing plants for various kinds of tech, trucker parks and lawyer offices… everything required for effective trading. With the discovery of the Precursor civilization ruins, priorities of many Federation corporations changed, resulting in a lot of plants and laboratories being repurposed for processing and researching of Iridium. Most of the objects were deactivated as a result of an Alien invasion and the growing threat of the Cartel.



I never understood the logic in the positioning of missile launcher platforms. In Vanguard Outpost it comes in handy when I have to defend the transport, though. I just lure aliens there and doom boom :fed006: , job is done. I can solo that mission easily… well okay maybe not that easily but still doable. But what about the 3 or 4 (I’m not sure now) platforms around one gate in Processing rig? Also, it would be nicer if their shield would take up damage for real.