I’ve read couple of topics where the discussion was about synergy.


In few of them it was mentioned it improves ship stats.


In game I felt difference between S1 and SX and SMax, but never bothered to check any actual stat changes.




The ship is clean of modules and what’s in red is from implants. The rest is mystery. Or is it synergy ?


I saw people say I can find “synergy level” stat gains in the wiki, but in the official one they are not available.


Is there alternative site to see them ?

Synergy levels up your ship. If you are looking for the incremental values for each level then the Wiki or another source is your best bet. 

Wiki still has no info on any of that. Or any info of anything, for that matter.

Then it has yet to be made… :facepalm:

Technically, When i made one of my spreedsheat on the “cerberus 2” (Cuz i was working on Engineer), especially for the Hull, I find an Up of 15% of the base stats. (14.62% exactly)


Start a 15180 hull’s points Level 1 -----> End with 17400 hull’s point level 10


As I remember, Hull and Shield are the only stats upped by synergy.


Edit : Max Energy / Speed and Acceleration are also improved by synergy


Edit 2 : I do not have the new value for jericho’s shield and federation’s hull. A lot of my actual values are faulses T.T

Stats change differently at different synergy levels, which is why probably nobody made a full chart yet. 

So dont be disappointed if the first synergy levels only modify hull or similar.


This info has clearly to come out of the game itself in some way.