Synergy Change On The Guard Class Secret Project Ship Bonus Level 8.

I wish to change the level 8 synergy bonus or even the level 4 bonus to have the +guard module range, less energy usage, and the effects increase bonuses, instead of the ones that are out now. The synergy bonuses available right now are a disgrace. The Current level 8 bonuses belong as passive synergy bonuses, not the ones you actively select. 


The Current level 8 bonuses aren’t even consistent with the rest of the guard class! the +10 shield defense is, sure, but the other two are not.

If they are to stay as they are it must be +10 shield defense to all damages, +27 pts to anti EM damages on the shield, and +33 points to anti kinetic on the shield! not + maximum hull, + maximum shield or even + hull resistance! Preposterous! Passive bonuses, the lot of them! They have no business being selectible within the level 8 or even the level 4 synergy bonus customization areas on a Guard Special project!


That is all. ASAP.   - WolfKhan

no, these bonuses on are pretty good

They’re pretty useless. 

git gud

It stands that the other two options are completely useless, while the only one that’s actually of any use is very minor. 

Beauty of craft ships that there are different ways of building it and using it, and all 3 bonuses can be used depending on the style, syn 8 bonuses may or may not be “major” game changers, but most of the bonuses in the tree at syn 8 aren’t exactly game changers, just bonuses.

While that’s true, these aren’t even worth being called bonuses.

They are as good as majority of synergy 8 bonuses in the game.

Which ones?

like most of othem?