Synchronized respawns

Here a small idea that could help beat spawn camping as well as help team muster forces more efficiently after they have taken losses. Simply put, have an optional checkbox while waiting to respawn that allow you to wait until other players in-waiting have finished their cooldown to respawn in the match. That way, instead of spawning 1 by 1 and getting killed or isolated from the rest of the group you spawn along other killed players. 


How it could work;


-You get killed

-You have your timer going down

-There are other players dead and they have their checkbox checked

-The game make you wait for the longest cooldown up to a defined time-out (so you don’t get to wait minutes if more players get killed in the mean time and want to group spawn)



Well, that’s how i see it. Most likely i forgot a few rules that would make it work better, i’m open to suggestions here.


Anybody think it’s worthwhile?

I very rarely see grind out occur.


Why implement a fix for it?


Current mm is fairly good about avoiding this situation. Course there are some situations where squads come into play and team balance is off…