switch PVE-> PVP statut in OS

sometimes i have a quest who ask me to kill mobs in OS but i need to be in PVP mode to kill them… so, i have to return to my station to put me in PVP mode. If we can switch directly when we are in OS, it will be good. (maybe it already exists, I don’t know how to do if it does)

Yeah I don’t understand why they make some targets protected.

I believe that’s to keep people from attacking another player, then switching to PvE to avoid retaliation, style of thing.


When I need to do that kind of mission, I just go to a PvP zone, blow up some NPCs to get criminal status, and hightail it back to the  zone where the mission is.

I find that sort of thing fun.

If you read carefully the task, you can see that you need to be in PVP mode before leaving the hangar. So this way you save 5 more iridium ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)