Swarm function to retrieve containers and ore

It would be a great development if the swarm could have a function to automatically retrieve containers within normal reach. In actual life that is one of the features we would design into real world swarm type technology - retrieval.


I happen to enjoy Open Space!


What do you think about this idea pilots?


I don’t know about other Pilots but I have a suspicion that fidgety thumbs cause accidental engagement of the ‘teleportation sphere’ resulting in too many  ‘close encounters’ with asteroids and derelicts. How about allowing pilots to customize keys for these unique modules, instead of just using spacebar-up?  



I need the swarm to have a retrieval function, that would make farming in a Ze’ta in open space SO much easier! Plus I kinda wanna see what the swarm could do if there we’re multiple items around, would they break off and grab all at once? or just pick one at a time?

Not sure if i should be worried about the necro or that nobody else commented on a good suggestion for this long, but the upvotes are neato tho.