Suppressing the Support

I’ve reached level 7 reputation of my faction (Armada) and I’ve accepted the “Suppressing the Support” contract. It’s the one where I’m supposed to destroy five enemy frigates.


However, a couple of dozen matches and several frigate kills later, and I’ve noticed that the progress bar on the contract has remained at zero. I checked the requirements for the contract, and it says that the kills can be made over the course of several battles and must be made in a T2 ship, both of which I can confirm I’ve been doing. Also, I know for a fact that I have scored at least one kill that was a direct kill and not an assist.


Is there still something I’m not doing right?

I haven’t done that contract in particular but I found with my Wardens level 7 contracts that they didn’t seem to work until I bought my T3 ship.

In general i think you can say , it’s a rank 7 contract so you need at least a rank 7 + ship :wink: . Seems that descriptions still are a little inaccurate , so just hang with the contracts rank = ships rank needed ;).

Correct me if im wrong :slight_smile:

That seems like a reasonable explanation. Thanks.