Support Team Response time?

Its been over 3 days since i submitted a ticket and still no response from the support team, although its weird that it says last activity was 18 hours ago even though i did not change/add anything on my ticket. not sure if it was simply ignored or anything.


Maybe i’m just being impatient but i’ve been itching to buy more DLC. Also since i dont really know much about the company, i would actually like to see how they would resolve my issue first before dumping more money in this game. I don’t wanna spend more money on a company that does not value their paying customers specially on a small casual game like this.

support tickets need time, lots or players like you also need support too so you have to be patient and wait for your turn  

Given some recent patches have probably increased wait times, it might not be fast.  One thing I remember, there’s an “order” of oldest tickets first, so don’t update the ticket without good reason, like extreme wait times.


I can’t give support’s response time a thumbs up.  I don’t know how the devs compare to other smaller companies though.

Waiting times always depend on the amount of tickets and don’t forget that there are currently some holidays.