Support for events held by players.



The administration of the Star Conflict game can support your event if you are interested in holding any kind of activity on the game servers! Any player can hold their event, and these recommendations will help you with this! 


What kind of support can we give to the event?


  • Publication in the news on the Russian version of the website, and if a translation of the regulations into English is provided, on the English version of the website as well.
  • Publication of the tournament announcement in social networks.
  • A message about the start of registration and / or tournament announcement in the news window of the game.


  • Support of the event with in-game valuables in agreement with the organizers.

Who can host the event?

  • Any player can host the tournament by submitting a request in the form below.
  • The organiser must not have had any violations of the game, chat, forum or official rules within the last month after sending an application for the tournament support.
  • Communities administered by anyone involved in the event must not violate the [Fan Community Guidelines](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/40259-recommended-guideline-for-star-conflict-fan-communities/). Communities are groups and associations that are publicly available on social networks

Do you want to organise an event but you are uncertain of your own capabilities?

In this case, we invite you to join the official tournament organization - Star Conflict Judical Corps. There you can try yourself as an organizer, streamer or as an event commentator! If your events are successful, you as the organiser can also get a nice reward on your game account! ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

General requirements for the regulations of tournaments and events held in Star Conflict.

Before you start creating the regulations, answer a few questions about your event.


  • Define the goals and special features of the event. Perhaps this is a competition for the strongest or an interesting event in the open world?
  • Can beginners count on victory or is the event only for experienced pilots? Or will there be equal chances for all participants?
  • Where and in what mode would you conduct it? How can people interested in the event participate in it?
  • Decide on the date and time of the event. Perhaps your event is timed to coincide with a significant date?
  • Think about the expected result. What do you want to get by hosting an event? Evaluate the possible number of participants in the event, as well as the expected feedback about it.

You shouldn’t adjust the rules of your event to these points — they should help you to create them.


When the following questions are answered, it’s necessary to write the regulations. The information below will help you with this!


These recommendations will help the organizers create the regulations, which will be the basis for the event. First of all, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the [general rules of Esports events](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/40686-general-rules-of-esports-events/) and look at examples of the [current regulations](< base_url >/index.php?/forum/222-event-tournament-discussion/). They will help you to create an idea of how to write the regulations for your event


General Information. 

  • Event type. If this is a team tournament, describe its format and the number of participants in the team. If this is a special event, briefly describe the essence of your event.
  • Write the title, its date and who will be hosting it.
  • Describe the administrative group for the tournament - who is in this group, your responsibilities in running the tournament and the tasks of the administrative group.

The essence of the event:

  • Tell us about your event in detail.
  • Describe the system of the event hosting. How the battles go: battle format, mode, additional rules, tournament grid, maps / location of the event.
  • What are the restrictions in your event? Tell us about all the gameplay moments, modules, ships, etc. that are prohibited. You should also share the restrictions for the teams if there are any.
  • Write a set of rules for the members and the administrative group.
  • Describe the map selection procedure, if the event is hosted in “custom battle”.

Registration (if implied):

  • Write down the start / end date of registration
  • Write a registration form, give an example of how an application for participation in your event should look like.
  • Link to a separate form / topic for registering teams / participants
  • The number of participants per team, including substitutes (if the tournament is a team tournament).
  • If registration is not required, describe how the players can participate in the event.

Description of disputable points:

  • Describe who makes decisions in disputable situations, who monitors the implementation of the rules of the tournament.
  • Describe how the communication between judges and participants will be arranged
  • Describe what to do in case of unforeseen situations during the tournament (violation of the rules / crashes, etc.).
  • Describe the possibility of technical defeat for participants / teams
  • Obligations of the players participating in the event.
  • List the obligations of the participants who will join your event.

Prize fund

  • Specify the prize fund of your event
  • For winners (depending on the type of event)
  • For participants (depending on the type of event)
  • Any other rewards, if implied.


Send a request to host your event