So… anything new with this game? Is the OS worth it for some casual flying around and maybe some non-competitive PvP? Or is it better I don’t download this game again?

Got some catching up to do if I decide to play this game.

TONS of new content and stuff in the past years. OS got an extreme overhaul and now enemies all drop very useful items. If there’s a unique item that you can’t buy in the store, it can be dropped by an enemy in OS somewhere. Each item tells you what sector to find it in. Huge ship module and weapon changes too. Lots and lots of new items.


Lots of other cool stuff but these seemed to be the biggest changes.

Anything gamebreaking to be aware of? Saw the playerbase plummeted recently.

The Front Blaster and Deconstructor Cannon are the two major icky items added.

On 12/11/2018 at 7:26 PM, QACinnamonTroll said:

Anything gamebreaking to be aware of? Saw the playerbase plummeted recently.


Wolfhound. Damn Wolfhound breakes the game. If your team doesn’t have one, and the other one does, with at least partially skilled pilot at its steers, you may find yourself in the world of pain and frustration.


I haven’t played the game at the time when the Thar’Ga was broken, but from what I’ve read, it offered a similar experience - you need to attack it with at least two ships to take it down.


Also - engine controller hack. It makes you fly straight ahead for a LONG time. And if you have fast enough ship and you’ve just faced the enemy team… Well, you can imagine the rest. And if the enemy doesn’t really like you, you might fall into “respawn → engine controlled → death” loop.


These are two reasons I’ve steered away from pvp and spend most of my time in OS / pve. This and matching with the USA servers with 200 ping, but that’s a whole other story.

Wolfhound is not THAT much of a pain, not for me as I play the Tai’Kin, I either dodge, warp away or tank it(if I have the capsule ready), the engine controller hack can now be countered by 8b, best module to use is the HRS as it has a 17 sec cooldown compared to the IR flares which have a 17.5 sec cooldown, maybe it’s not that much of a difference but the former would be much more useful on Ellydium ships, but will cause problems with energy management.