sup guys, semi Ace here

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hey all Kurt here and I had a question for the more experienced people here.


im looking for a T3 brawling frigate, I know no such thing probably exists but still, the idea of wading into combat taking and exchanging blows before I get swarmed and go down in an epic bawl of fire when my reactor overloads and detonates sounds fun :slight_smile:


speed does not matter, in fact if I could get something fairly slow so I can run the shields that increase resistance at full speed but still be kinda slow that would be great, needs to be tanky, and needs to deal damage.


im thinking coil mortars as far as weapons go, lazers are long range and thermal resist is easy, same with positron, don’t mind the megablaster though, and no thoughts on missles other then I have had good luck with the octo.


current ship candidate is the styx empire engineer


any help in this build would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Kurt Vulf - :slight_smile:

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if u want advice about frigates I can’t help but I’m sure someone will, welcome to the forums.



This is the Cerberus build I’m using right now.




I built the coil mortar with long range area suppression in mind.


To increase survivability:

  • Repair Kit

  • The Cube


When I hit lvl 8 synergy I will probably swap the Horizon Module for a Thermal Scanner to Increase the crit chance.

He did say brawler.  It’s not all purple, but whatever.





With the critical damage, it’s an effective 2085 DPS weapon.  I could get it higher with a pulse discharger but I want the energy more.  LRF’s can get a higher DPS due to more turrets.  It’s really fun finding a guard 1v1, him getting cocky thinking he’s a guard, and I wipe him out without dodging.  The weapon accuracy isn’t that great though.  The attack drones are a little annoying to use but can be effective for defense against interceptors, it takes getting used to.  You’ll get targeted and they won’t unless they stray.


There are only two real brawling frigates in T3, a Styx and a Crus S.  I’m taking “brawling” as meaning it can dish out damage and tank damage at the same time, which the fed ships and LRF’s have less ability to do.  I think when I put coil mortars on an LRF and tweaked it I got it up to 140 rounds per minute, fun times.

thanks for the above two posts, and yes I mean tank and dish out damage as long as possible. I have other ships that can sit at a range but sometimes I just want to go crazy.

I had thought about the LRF’s because of the 6 guns compared to 4, but figured the engineer’s abilities synergize better with up close fighting, as the drones will at least be able to do something where as I wont get the chance to use torpedoes or the disintegrator. that and iirc the engineers have passive regen modules and that could help tank some hits, and be useful to the other ships around me in the brawl.


the main competition for the styx is the crus s as posted above. but I have used the phase shield in the past and although its good it just unimpressed me.


so styx or crus-s peeps, help me decide :slight_smile:


Edit: think im going with the styx, on an unrelated note, does anyone have a good build for the reaper?

All possible brawling frigates in T3:


Crus S


Cerberus (best choice in proper hands and with proper fitting)

Ira Deus (lower tank - i wouldn’t really go for it, but i didn’t honestly fly it yet, i’ve just seen it at other good players)


All with coil mortar and a mix of resists + strength in their typical tanks, try to keep rotation speed as high as possible without sacrificing tank

  • Critical chance fittings primarily

n00b is changed to Ace because the language filter in this forum.



if u want advice about frigates I can’t help but I’m sure someone will, welcome to the forums.


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