Summer Tournament Practice, anyone up for?

Hi all, 

For reasons unknown I´ve become the “coach” of the R4ge Tournament squad…

Is any other Squad willing to practice with us? It´ll be fun! 

Would be great if we can stick to the Tournament-Rules. 

Post here, send PM or poke me ingame… 

We´d be glad. 

Our team, FreedomFighters, is interested. We were talking about gathering the whole team for a run through on the 15th (possibly at 5:30 EST), but that is open to change.


thanks for the Interest. Im not sure if I can gather our team, since we are EST-6h, but I see what I can do.  

I’ll see if our guys are up for it. We’re an even split between EU and US time-zones and generally need to work on times that cater for both.

I guess the easiest way to gather our team would be at 20.30 +2h UTC

The Steel Marauders would be interested in this venture, however our timezone(s) and roster are all over the place. We practice at 1300 GMT+0, most Thursdays and Saturdays.


If you’re still interested, send me a pm or sign up at our forums as a Diplomatic Liaison and send me a pm there.



Marshal Lupus

9:30 AM-11:00 AM and 1 PM - 6 PM Eastern Standard Time works fine for me. My group said that 5:30 PM EST was okay with them, but I can change that time if necessary. The below link synchronizes Moscow, GMT, and my timezone EST. You can also input your own timezone if it is not one of the above. It will show how one time in a certain timezone relates to times in the other timezones. 

P.S. If Strike Team ZKF (I think that is NASA’s team) wants to practice with my team on the 15th that would be great, since we are going to be facing off in the first round.

I think that my team will be on for practice tomorrow (the 15th) at 1 pm - 5:30 pm EST or sometime in between. That is the equivalent of 5 pm - 9:30 pm UTC/GMT. If anyone wants to practice, please join us.

We will be able to fly some skirmishes against you tonight from I would estimate 7pm GMT onwards.

We can provide everything required, including Teamspeak - since this a practice match we’re looking at 2-way feedback, not just random fights. We’d like to play under tournament rules - exact details can be briefly discussed prior to the match.

If you get in touch with myself or turtlebacon tonight - we can take it from there. It’s also worth sticking Hyranic on your friends-list, as he functions as our diplomatic attaché for these kind of affairs.