Summer in Star Conflict. Second project ‘Ellydium’



Pilots! UMC has received new contracts from the Broker. We remind you that during the summer you will be involved in research projects of his new employer — ‘Ellydium’ corporation. Complete missions and be the first to get your hands on Alien Technology.

Ellydium prepared six projects in total that you will be researching throughout this summer.

It’s time to start the second project. Get a unique Alien weapon blueprint that can be mounted on fighters! Here are the new Broker missions:

Alien Technology: Stress-test



Broker mission**

  • Pilots must destroy three frigates in PvP modes
  • As a reward you will receive a special container with live crystals

Popularity of ‘Dag’tnith’ launcher — the new weapon based on live crystals has paved the way for the next Ellydium project. To improve the technology, the corporation needs not only statistics on its use, but also proper conditions for stress-testing for those who conduct such tests. My employer offers you to become such a condition.

Alien Technology: Weapon development



Broker mission**

  • Destroy five players in PvP modes, while piloting a frigate and using ‘Dag’tnith’ Launcher
  • As a reward you will receive a free bundle ‘Xeno-expert’

Experience in Alien tech allowed us to release the first weapon prototype based on living crystals. This is a huge breakthrough. But we are still at the very beginning of a long and arduous journey. The new project of ‘Ellydium’ is dedicated to a more compact version of the gun, but to move in this direction, we need data on the use of the previous project. You are only required to use ‘Dag’tnith’ launcher for its intended purpose.

Alien Technology: Expansion preparations. N-Day



Broker mission**

  • Destroy 3 Alien ships in Leviathan sector
  • As a reward you will get a special container with live crystals

Success of the first prototype based on Crystallid technology pushed ‘Ellydium’ corporation to the next ambitious step — construction of a research complex in Alien space. This is an extremely risky and expensive undertaking, but such a complex could significantly accelerate Alien research. And the first step is clearing the territory. My people will contact you on the spot.