Summer in Star Conflict: Attack on Dreadnought ‘Ares’

Pilots! An urgent mission from the Broker! Mission time is limited. The job will be valid till 00-00 GMT time on June 20.

Broker mission

  • Get 2500 efficiency in PvE mission ‘Captured Dreadnought’ 10 times over the weekend;
  • As a reward you will receive a blueprint for the unique Alien weapon ‘Dag’tnith’ Launche r!

You must have heard of Dreadnought ‘Ares’, which was attacked by Aliens some time ago. Ship repairs were delayed, and the owners continue to attract mercenaries to protect it. My employer says that combat logs from ‘Ares’ will help finalize the current stage of research of Alien weapon systems. Your task is to get close to the dreadnought under the guise of the defensive mission. Special software will do the rest. Yes, to download all the information you will likely need to make a few sorties.