"Summer#1" tournament

Attention Pilots! 

Due to the fact that super-testers had an opportunity to get used to the new update and make the most effective fits, all participants of the super test will not be allowed to take part in the tournament. If a team member is a super-tester, the whole team will be disqualified without extra sanctions.

Please correct your applications!


Attention! This blitz tournament will give a second chance to the participating corporations. After the “Summer#1” blitz tournament is over, the tournament “Summer#1: the second chance” will be conducted for those teams that dropped out before the semifinals. I.e. the first four places of “Summer#1” will not be allowed to take part in “Summer#1: the second chance”.



Team** s:** 8х8

Technical level: – T3

Game mode: Best of 3

Date: June 13, June 14

Bracket** :** Single elimination

Location:“Lava spines”

Fighting modes:

1st round – team battle

2nd round – beacon capture

3rd round – team battle (if needed)

If the winner is not selected after 3 rounds (a victory, a defeat or a draw), the team with a maximum number of the destroyed ships moves forward in the bracket.


0. All “premium ships” and DLC are forbidden. Flights are allowed only on standart ships.

  1. The technical level of ships: Rank 7-9, including Archilles and Hyena.

  2. Friendly fire is activated.

  3. Crafted combat drones and “Doomsday” missiles are forbidden. Missiles “MEM Inquisitor” and “Christmas fireworks” are forbidden.

  4. Weapon Мк.5, Ammunition Мк.4 (from the game mode “Attacked sectors”) – allowed

  5. For not coming to the battle or being late more than 10 minutes, team gets a technical defeat.

  6. For contract battle both teams will be disqualified from the cup at any stage.

  7. During the battle if someone disconnects, the match won’t be interrupted.

  8. If a player failed to launch a battle or dropped out during the first minute of the fight, the team may ask to restart the battle with the player replaced.

  9. Reserve players should be mentioned in the list. Tell the administration of the tournament via PM in game, if you need to replace the player. Contact - Maximum997. Deadline – teams toss-up

  10. For misconduct of individual players on the team - namely, incorrect statements about the other team, observers, commentators and streamers, for unsporting behavior - the player is cautioned - with repeated warnings player is suspended from participation in the cup and then the team plays without this player until the end of the tournament.

  11. The server is selected by the administration of the cup with the best possible performance for the teams.

  12. The number of ships in slots: 1 to 4.

  13. Mixed teams are allowed (players from different corporations). 


  1. The fights of each stage will be conducted simultaneously. Some of them will be held by the administration, others – by the players under the supervision of observers with screenshot reports.

2. The teams get 300 GS for each stage of the tournament. The teams receive 1 000 GS for coming through to the final.

3.The team gets 50 Galactic Standards for each destroyed ship of the enemy, regardless of the battle outcome.

  1. The maximum score in Galactic Standards that can be received for the frags in a round is 500 GS in order to eliminate the incentive to farm the enemy completely.

5. No GS can be received for the 3rd round.

  1. All the teams that registered on time, but did not take places 1-4 can participate in the “Second Chance” event, which will follow the same rules but with a smaller award.


Application form:

  1. Team’s name.
  2. Captain’s name.
  3. List of players, including captain (8 players) + reserve (max 4 people).

Application Deadline - June 10th.

The application must be published in this [thread](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27292-summer1-tournament/).

If team is [registered](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27292-summer1-tournament/) before June 8th, its prize fund will be increased by 10%