First, I thanks for your invitation.

The game is amazing.

I have just a fiew suggestions:

  • when i go to shop SHIPS

i whis to see the new ship details as armor, shields, speed

BEFORE i buy’it - so i can decide if i buy or not, that ship

  • a larger screen for SKILLS description

  • a key map so i can see the keys i can use for chat, loot, etc.

  • a key for fixing the speed - it means that i am not pressing continuosly the “W” for max speed

for example the taste 7 cold function like this:

7 = 1/4 speed

77 = 1/2 speed

777 = 3/4 speed

7777 = max speed

  • an online help during the game

I do not see anything wrong with speed >_> press and hold shift for max speed =,= . Anyway, about skill info being larger - i agree, Ship info - good idea and others are unnecessary, is what i think.

Improved preview will be added later during closed beta in the final hangar.

If you need to know the controles, have a look in the manual. Most people dont have a look in there and have the same question.

“an online help during the game”

We need a proper tutorial and FAQ for new players anyway. We can create something like this in the near future but we still miss 5 playable factions, the techs they can use and also ingamefunctions.


It is nice to see, the awesome work you’ve done thus far, I hope, you will continue in same spirit.

As for the wishlist, there are some things I’d like to add, yet i’m not sure, that whole community would support such changes:

  1. Speed of the projectile fired from the ship must be the sum of the velocity of a ship + projectile speed itself. Otherwise there is quite interesting situation, that i’m nearly outrunning the plasma shots i’m firing.

  2. It would be nice just to try for a little while flying without cosmos sloving the ship and having the adility to turn in all directions, while maintaining ships velocity vector. I saw some discussion on the topic, yet I think that this would end up giving players much more immersive experience.

Thanks for the feedback, we will see what can be done.