Suggestions regarding today's updates


  • Sectors of gunfire have been limited for main weapons
  • Damage dealt by these guns has been increased accordingly



  • Imperial key module is now “Overdrive”. It temporarily makes all systems operate at maximum (critical) power level which increases attacker’s maximum speed and fire rate

This is a bad move if the cloaking devise has been taken out this should of been implemented as an option to use one or the other.


  • Increased damage of main weapons and Turret mode
  • Increased energy consumption on main weapons fire in Turret mode

Bad move frigates already cause too much damage and this I would of thought would of been decreased and increased in higher levels of weapons



  • Fixed the bug that used to limit laser’s firing range at 10km.
  • Maximum firing range increased

Are you kidding me the range on them is more than enough at 10k Now increased to more what where you thinking.

Plasma guns

  • Fixed requirements for plasma-operating weapons

About time had many problems with these guns hope they work now :slight_smile:

Combat modules

  • The “Achilles” system cooldown increased


  • “Improved shield booster” cost increased

Should of stayed the same or of at least reduced a little.


  • Several tweaks were made to the weapon sounds
  • Sound effects made by explosions were slightly changed

Sounds need to be fixed for voice and a voice option to turn down the voices when in battle still overpowering


  • Fixed the issue with automatic activation of empty slots
  • Removed option of refilling special holiday ammo
  • Fixed the noname players issue
  • Fixed the bug that caused ammo to disappear from the ship’s slots
  • Fixed some performance issues related to mouse cursor in fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Fixed problems with sound in the intro trailer
  • Fixed the rocket explosion bug that caused the ships to leave their course
  • Additional logging was set up to maintain more detailed an precise bug tracking

Nice amount of bugs fixed will continue to report as i find them :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback I hope to try the new patch tomorrow;)

the fact laser is meant to be sniper weapon, so i dont think have any complaint about that… infact… i like it…

"GENERAL: Sectors of gunfire have been limited for main weapons"

They remove the turret mode?

Dev team, i love you all!!!

The freecam was nerfed. Now he working right. No more the damm shot back.

The increase of damage for turret mode is right. Will work well in long range but in short range will work bad(because the " Sectors of gunfire have been limited for main weapons")

The atacker rapid fire skill is good too. Smash frigats is more easy with this.

I LOVE THE GUN THING! :slight_smile: