suggestions for int covert ops

what weapon do you guys suggest for pvp???

i dont know much about covert but 4

Tacklers - singularity

Gunship - railguns




but i guess from what i have seen PULSE LASERS or RF BLASTERS


RF have a high rate of fire

and LASERS r cool



My two selections for CO are the Pulse lasers and the shrapnel canon. make sure to equip the “Orion” targeting complex.

I will use my T2 as an example.







The “‘white noise’ Jammer” is mainly for when you have a single target, or two targets and  you want to only focus on one, but it’s very efficient. I have the  adaptive camo on for when I need to either 1. escape, 2. capture a beacon, (though, they will likely fix that soon, if they haven’t already) or 3. make all of the enemy lose their locks on me. (though, if they have spydrones on my ship, it’ll be negated.

the plasma arc is also viable, so if you want that instead, you’ll have to choose between camo and the white noise to switch out. the Orion targeting complex is too valuable to be rid of. though, mind, I don’t suggest the the self-destruct module, It’s entirely inadequate. Especially in Realistic. (capture the beacons) While using the plasma arc, you have higher odds of dying, but, if used right, it’s very efficient. never use it against a long range frig due to the mine layers. unless you’re using a Jericho ship with anti thermal. you’ll be killed in 1-2 hits. 

This build (the one in the 2 pictures) is for when you simply want to stay alive, but you still want to pose a serious threat.

As for weapons, use a shrapnel cannon if you have good aim, as it has the highest single hitting damage of any weapon.


Just a friendly neighbor hood forum post from JP HACK.

Only if you’re within 200m.  Otherwise, pick something else.  Pulse laser is good for people who like it.  After all the shrapnel nerfs, pulse laser’s probably better.