Suggestion - Game Download

I have a suggestion or two on what you guys can do to help us, who are not in EU, to download faster. Since I just spent the last 3 days downloading the game the first time, I wanted to play but couldn’t. Turns out I have to download the game again because of the update. That frustrates me… A LOT.

It’s bad enough that the patching system is a torrent, downloads and uploads at the same time, how do I know this? Because when I usually download, I can still play other video games or surf the web, but with this I cannot. So here is my suggestion…

  • Pack all the updated game files into a .rar or a .exe and upload it to a site such as fileplanet or gamershell

I think it would be much easier on everyone if this were possible. Downloading an entire game through a patcher is not, by any means, a good way to go. ESPECIALLY, if the game is international. Being a 14 years experienced gamer, multiple alternative download mirrors that cater to both North American, and EU players (and whoever else I may have left out. As I’m not sure who is and isn’t allowed to play the game.)

Thanks for the suggestion, but there is already worked on a solution.

Any estimated time of completion for this solution? Because I really don’t want to spend the next 3 days downloading again.

Well at the moment I dont know when it will be done, but it helps to use a program which limits the upload speed.

I don’t know how to use a program to download the patch. How do I do that?

Na not a programm to download the patch, a programm to limit the upload speed for running programms.

So you can set the Upload speed of the launcher to 1Kb/s so the donwload speed goes up.

Do you know which program that will allow me to do that?

forget it.

At the moment i have a furios downloadspeed of 20kb/sek, and I am pretty sure the limit is not on my side. Looks like to me the downloadserver cant handle all the players.

I am searching for one.

Normally it is because the launcher is down and uploading at the same time.

Download the client.

Install it and restart your computer.

Than start net limiter, start the launcher. When you see the launcher.exe in your netlimiter window put a mark into Ul Limit.

Restart the launcher.exe and you should have a faster download.

This is really a great game and I really enjoyed to pwn my enemies with such grat guns and the homing missiles, xxxx YEAH!!

But the patch/download thing makes me really really sad. And this is what makes me think it isn’t time for an open beta. Everyone knows that many ppl will play this game like maniacs and this is why you need first good servers and a normal patch system.

You have great servers, but JESUS(!) what a horrible patch system you use?!

I dont want to insult you and your great game but please please please hurry up and make solutions.



Your suggest to use Netlimiter doesn’t help me. Still low DL-rate

Didn’t help the download speed at all… still downloading anywhere from 30-50kb/s

Did you restart the launcher after limiting the speed ?

Yes, I did.

Than I need to wait for some news about the solution.

Netlimiter works fine here, just need few times restart launcher. Implement something like this directly to launcher and everything should by alright.