Suggestion for a new Destroyer

A Rank 14 drone carrier

The concept of this destroyer would be different from all others. They will be capable of caring a swarm of 10 drones active as the spawn when inactive they hover around the carriers like the engineers drones,The main weapon a fast firing short range weapon capable of short range defence.Each active module would drop 3-4 drones depending on you home faction, your Home faction would get one extra drone.

Faction Drones Deployed:

Empire drones are best vs hull.

Jericho drones are best vs shields. 

Fed drones are fast attacking.

Faction drones Undeployed:

Empires drones heal hulls as well as passive heal allies within a radius. 

Jericho drones boost shield resit as well as shield regen for allies with in a radius.

Fed drone boost speed of ship as well as boost allies with a radius.


The last active module would be any rank 14 modules you would like to equip




Awesome I would love to fly this

Doesnt sound bad. Although jeri weaponry is good against hulls (kinetic), empire is mid term for shields and hulls (thermal) and fed is good against shields (EM). Active modules should be specific class and (destroyer) multipurpose mods (like turrets and multiphase shield).

Much as I love drones, I don’t want any other destroyers in the game, much less one with so much auto-aim.

Just curious, do you play Eve by any chance? What you describe sounds very much like the carriers in that game!

nope never played Eve