Suggested sticky: Corporate Allegiance by Faction

This is something that was sparked from a conversation with one of DYN’s higher-ups a while back. Long story short, I wound up considering under what conditions I would accept a Corporation’s invitation to join them, and there was one factor that stood out quite prominently; allegiance.


Put simply, I realised I would never actually want to fly with any Corporation that wasn’t aligned to Empire, because no matter what ships I fly or what faction I’m taking contracts from, I see myself as a Wardens pilot first and foremost.


Yet when I happened to wander in here I noticed there was no quick and easy way to learn this information, either in game or out of it. 


Since even if the Devs wanted to put this kind of thing in it’d likely take three months, I figured I’d take it to the community. What do you think guys? Should there be a sticky here to list Corps by their Faction for quick reference?

My corp has one that we try to keep regularly updated in our private forums.

yes i think that would be a good idea mate maybe get rid of the active corps thread and have Empire Fed and Jeri active corp threads in stead and then maybe we could move our recruitment threads to there aswell

Very good idea :wink:


If we can help because we have a list in our forum too

If I could get some assistance with the list of corporations and their allegiances, I will gladly set up a sticky for this.


And here’s the link: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/20101-corporations-by-allegiance/) ;]