Suggested changes to Destructor

As many people have said on other threads, the Destructor weapon can make capturing beacons way too hard (even if you don’t have so many guards focusing on the beacon that anything nearby dies).


I’ve seen a number of suggested changes to fix this, mostly based on reducing the AoE radius, or making the AoE not prevent beacon capture if your shields are up.


I have a different suggestion, involving more a fundamental change to the mechanics:


The weapon doesnt do normal AoE damage.  The only direct damage caused is to the ship hit by the beam, just like all the other lasers.


However, the weapon also inflicts a debuff on the target, that for several seconds acts like a negative pulsar and deals damage to ships allied to the victim.



This will have several interesting changes to gameplay:

  1. It still functions as an area-denial weapon

  2. But you will have to actually hit the target to have an effect (no more just shooting the beacon to stop anyone capturing it).  If you can avoid being hit, you might still be able to cap it.

  3. Enemies affected will have to keep away from their allies, which could help to break up frigballs (especially if the range or damage of the debuff scales with ship size).



What are your thoughts?

I like it. Making it a negative pulsar. Good idea. ^^

i like the destructor. never use it cuz i think it’s weak. heavy blasters all the way! 

i like the destructor. never use it cuz i think it’s weak. heavy blasters all the way! 


Your loss… My 7.4k range Patriarch is pretty OP since it can pretty much deny beacon caps from that range, as well as get kills.


In all seriousness, this could be a good solution to the destructor issue. The other two solutions I’ve seen that are promising are to move the Destructor to be an LRF weapon, making the ship it is on much easier to kill.

That or OmegaFighter’s suggestion to scale the AOE/AOE damage with range. You can see that suggestion here: [](< base_url >/index.php?showtopic=27544)

Nerfing the destructor is a GREAT idea, people won`t block the beacons anymore, and domination and beacon hunt will be playable again! I also like the frigball break-up idea very much.