Suddenly disconnected from PvP battle

Bug report:

What happened?

I was playing T5 PvP battles alone, when in-game I suddenly lost a connection.

I have been asked to return to battle, I clicked yes to confirm.

I waited, while I got ships in battle status.

I got a message that I am unable to reconnect or return to battle - timer expired.

I re-logged, hoping that would get me back, but my ships were no longer in battle status and there was no notifications.

Connection on my end was working fine. I did not test for connectivity issues related to SC, because it worked normal afterwards and the issue did not repeat, but I am providing logs.

Servers are still not fully stable, it seems.

Check the date stamp in the logs: 22:44 or 45 onward - 10:44/45pm (GMT+1) Around that time period. 1 minute up or down. Chat logs can help as well.




There were problems at a datacenter

My corp and I have encountered this a few times with T4 Andromeda Spec Ops. It’s especially strange that you need to logout and back to free your locked ships because they don’t come back from alone.