Sudden freeze - Computer completely stops responding in certain situations in the game!

Bug report:



What happened?

A computer can completely and instantly freeze in certain situations. They are listed below.

This issue is not new, it’s an old one. It was first noticed on my PC around 1,5-2 years ago. It’s becoming more frequent as well.


This issue started happening well over a year ago. GPU change did not help. HD is okay, no bad sectors, defragmentation is done regularly, all is in order. The RAM is okay, CPU as well.

Windows 7x64 and drivers are all regularly updated to the latest version of the game. Same for the BIOS. Setting BIOS to default values did not help resolve this issue.

PC is cleaned out, no dust or other heating issues, no system anomalies or viruses, but when it happens, you can hear that something is working louder and harder inside a computer.


A computer becomes unresponsive, music still plays in the background, though over time it will be looped or stuck, overlapped, keyboard’s lights will not respond to any input or commands.

The only way is to manually turn or shut-down a computer as a whole!


No crash dumps are detected and made by Windows, even when crash dumps are enabled.

Star Conflict does not detect any abnormalities at all. They are not listed nor detected in the Logs - logs simply end, there are no entries after that.


This is only happening with this game - Star Conflict, not anywhere else, with any other games or applications or PC itself in general.


It’s ONLY HAPPENING in this three situations, nowhere else: (Always, the occurrence is rare, but more frequent lately, I had three such cases in one week.)

  • During the warp-gate jump in Open Space, when the Loading screen is almost depleted, the moment before the transition takes place to a hangar. (before that happens)
  • When you select ‘Return to hangar’ option, just a moment when the docking bar reaches zero before the hangar transition takes place. (before that happens)
  • During the last looting attempt, it always happens when the last loot spot has been salvaged, when the only the picture of a map is visible for a brief moment after. (before statistical screen)




[](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17227)


Logs: (recent logs, where the freeze occurred - Jericho station ‘Mendes-IX’ - when using Stripping Deposits gate - unresponsive before the loading screen shows up)

[2018.06.24](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17229)

I remember that you, Skula1975, once posted an application for cases like this, some sort of tool, which would still detect and make up dumps when other applications can’t detect or create them.

However, this was years ago. Maybe you remember such application? If so, post it again, I can’t find it anymore.


3rd party applications, even with all properly enabled settings, cannot detect and find any issues and create crash/memory dumps.


Example of one such application:


Freeze during jump when scanner is activated bug is back?

1 minute ago, Rob40468 said:

Freeze during jump when scanner is activated bug is back?

I never said that.

The Spatial Scanner has nothing to do with this issue.

A support ticket has been filed - Case number: 602307

Read this please 


On 6/26/2018 at 7:33 AM, Skula1975 said:

Read this please 


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The attachment is not available! Why are you giving me dead links?

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