Suche Deutsche Corp

Hallo Bin 34 Jahre und Spiele seit paar tagen dieses Spiel und denke mal das es soweit ist eine Corp zu finden die eventuell auch Gelegenheits Spieler aufnimmt da ich hier und da durch meine Arbeit als Busfahrer im Personen Nahverkehr recht sehr unterschiedliche zeiten habe.


Ingame:  Ebidan78

Faction: Föderation Rang 4

Main Rolle: Engineering / ( Guard )


TS3 und Headset vorhanden


Muttersprache Deutsch

Secundärsprache  etwas Englisch


Würde mich über Antworten freuen

If I may ask, why specifically a German corporation?


I’m not natively English/British either (despite living in England now) - and have always been drawn towards the more internationally focused guilds/clans/corporations. I found that it has been a tremendous help in learning English and getting exposed to other cultures and ways of thinking. I’ve just always been curious why people are drawn to corporations which only contain one specific language/etnicity. I am guessing there’s an advantage to all being in the same time-zone and being able to speak in your mothertongue, but on the flipside it means hardly anyone is around in off-hours?


We have a few German members in our ranks in case that would be of interest.


Meanwhile, the best of luck in finding a corporation. If I had to give a recommendation for a German-only corp, it would be R4ge, they always put up an excellent fight.

Hallo Ebidan,


hab dir eine PM zukommen lassen.






ENG: he got a PM.