Stuns not destroying all deployable objects

I am not entirely sure if this is a bug or a change that was missed by the patch notes - but I will report it just in case.

1. When stunned by an ECM or Ion beam warhead missile, not all drones/mines will self destruct.

2. For all deployable objects and drones to self destruct on a stun.

3.  Be stunned by an enemy ECM or command ship while having deployable objects.

4. As of the most recent major update (1.9.4) certain objects will no longer self destruct upon a stun. I am not 100% certain it is a bug however as if it was then more likely all objects would stop self destructing on a stun. I decided to report the issue just in case however since there is no real way to get clarification on the problem via the english forums.

During our test, we tested:
Ion Diffuser
Stasis Generator
System Hack
Guided Hologram
Metastable Energy Field Generator
‘Friend or Foe’ code hacker 17


We found that:
Sentry Drones
Heavy Guard Drones
Hybrid Missile (Destroyer Combat Drone Type A)
Satellite Crystals
Crystal Drones
Attack Drones
Satellite Drones (Emperor, special module)

Would no longer self destruct on stun - while:
Autonomous Repair stations
Autonomous Charging stations
Trap Mines
Static shields (Destroyer munitions)
Heavy repair drones (Destroyer munitions)
Remote Minelayer
Warp Gates
Static Barriers (Engineer module)

Would all continue to self destruct as per before the update.
5. Always.

6.   Logs attached, documentation of our test (casual conversation so coarse language):


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Accepted as SC-115783