Stun set non-active modules on CD

  1. If an ECM/ion warhead stun is applied to a destroyer, specific modules go on CD without that they are being active/activated.

  2. That only activated modules go on CD.

  3. Stun applied to a destroyer.

  4. Tempest launcher, blaster turret and wormhole projector go on CD even not being used(active). Doesn’t matter for them when the stun is applied.

  5. Every time.




  1. ~ 2234 Berlin Time.





Previously those ECM active modules, stasis generator and ion diffuser, blocked the entire suppressor ship BUT only for the time given in their description minus decrease effect through crew and CPU. Nowadays those ECM debuff modules block the ship like it is doing for any class but in addition to that certain suppressor active modules are put into cool-down. And that change in game mechanics is neither mentioned ingame at module description nor at recent patch notes. PLS FIX THIS BUG!