Stuck in a beacon

Hi guys.


Before i start: Sorry for me english, it´s not my native language (That´s German). And i don´t know where to post Map bugs, because i think this is one.



I got the following problem:

In a domination mode game, i was able to flew IN a beacon but not to get out. I can capture it and defend it. I can´t attack, the projectiles smashed against the inner wall of the beacon. But i was be able to use spy drones and deal demage with rockets, and can get other AoE demage types, like guided torpedos.

I haven´t used the micro warp device, i just hit the bake with a wing i think and glitched in it.





Looks like the bug’s not fixed yet.

I actually read stuck in a bacon.

That happened to me once. I managed to wiggle my way out somehow…

remembering good times with dwarf2, that ship was able to enter anything but getting out was dificult part…