streamer or need someone who will make movie

Today I plan to fight against the m4 technique top1 server rated DSR-Rezak

we shall fight on the interceptors

if anyone has a desire to record this fight, let me know about your desire, such as posts, the fight will be about 19 hours in Moscow

my nickname in game Takamina

I will.

I can record it, but I’m not sure if I can do it at that hour. 

I will.


I guess you will provide later the link to the video. I would appreciate it.



Can’t wait to see 2 titans fight. 

the player Rezak still does not appear, but I’m glad I was able to compete against several players, such as zerk1, fobo. hotarm.

whether the record is laid out, I do not know. fights were carried out on the ship MK4 without modules and rockets and used only weapons and maneuvering.

I hope it will become a tradition to organize such practical fights.

Sounds funny:)

I do not understand what’s so funny, we had more than 30 fights and all four of us were happy at the end of this time. besides these practical fights much more efficient.

maybe I wrote something wrong?

We actually did this several times before (even with tournament 1on1 progression). No modules, we were using rockets tough, because fights took too long lol. Makes some interesting dogfights indeed.

player Rezak refused to fight against me.

No wonder why LOL