Strange Thing when near the sun (NB)

This apear every time i get close the sun. Is that a bug or a new graphic effect?



That ^^

It’s from the anomaly, not the sun :stuck_out_tongue: And it’s a new graphic effect I think, seeing how I have it as well.

It’s a graphic effect and very annoying I must say

It’s a graphic effect and very annoying I must say

personally, i love it :slight_smile:

its nice to see this,

would be fkin nice to see more effects like this, such as micro asteroids or  junk,  smoke  zones    *dream off*~

I got bored one time, if you do hit the anomaly you die.  It’s a nice effect, and it warns you about the thermal damage.  It’d be fun if firing at it could cause flares that could kill enemy ships.

This looks like when you receive shots in a FPS, blood spill in your face(screen)

You are taking thermal damage.

That effect is right, there’s no bug on it. It’s meant to duplicate the “dead pixel” effect on CCD chips. It’s quite nice when it’s not permanent.

Ah, I always thought of it as glowing ash sticking to my camera lense; I rather like the effect.

Its a graphic.Working as Intended, even if you find it annoying.

When I first saw it, I was like damn, my game files are borked up, need to run a repair ^^


Than I figured what it is, a bit annoying but pretty cool.