Strange Server Behavior Affecting All Players

Bug report:


A lot of times, all parties, not just me, got suddenly trapped in lag spikes, rubber banding or slowdowns, etc.


Some video examples:












Either servers are overloaded, because they host multiple titles on the same servers, they are too weak to process enough data.

In any case, there are a lot of complaints in the last weeks about the servers in general.

I know that most of the time the issue is not on my side, since it affects everyone present.


Be sure to check, why is now each person that joins game in progress in PvP, gets much more noticeable lag spike, than ever before.

The same could be said for Open Space mode, when you ship either staggers or rubberbands for a split second. Such things are not desirable at all.

indeed, happen quite often now i don’t know if it’s due to the amount of player due to the fact sc lost arround 80 players in the past month, but still happen more and more often since a week or 2 server overload might be the only issue but seem weird to me

Well at least you can still control your ship…

This has been happening on and off since a while. It does seem related to the amount of players online at the same time.

 Got worse lately, i can assume it’s linked to the neverending, eye candy, improvement we got. The servers are having a hard time loading those textures + primetime server load.

…Koromac, the pro bug hunter!

May be, connection issues ? 


52 minutes ago, Skula1975 said:

May be, connection issues ? 


No way, so many players are affected.

Since a few patchs ago, I too get some slowmotions, or sometimes a 75 to 100% packet loss for a couple of seconds randomly in fights.


Surprising, especially when I used to have 50ping all the time.

6 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

May be, connection issues ? 


Mr. Skula1975. I assure you, like I wrote in the title, all were affected, not just me, so we can all safely assume that the issue is on your side, the client side!

Servers are probably too weak. Only solution is probably to get better and more efficient servers in this case.

No connection issues, ok. 

There are several server troubles which may make issues like this.

We have been found solution fo resolve.