Strange effect on launcher

Yesterday i launch the launcher (yes I know a little repetitive :slight_smile: )

And suddenly after the end of the kinematics first screen is to put the image streak alternating Home and a black background at high speed.

I tested a complete uninstall followed by a restart and then reinstalling, but nothing helps the inconvenience persists.

If push escape 2 support rapidly i don’t have the problem

wth how did u get into the beta but there are tones off other people that have been waiting for ever for a dam key and about ur problem i would not really know man sry

could be your graphic card

try to update it

Yep, the background of exactly this problem could be graphic card and may be update will help. Though i’ve met such reports before and that also can be a bug - we shall check it.

Clarification, I’m not back in the game it is only the home screen where I must enter my password with my username makes me this on the screen. And I had already checked the updates for my graphics card and put the graphics to a minimum :012j:

Good to hear beloved user has no more problems ))