Store is full - strategy of selling items

My store is near full, now (1487/1500) ![:00:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/00.png “:00:”)

I tried to buy more standard ships from the ships tree and got the notice that buying new ship was not possible because of the full store.

I was informed that I should sell items.

Guys with full standard ships tree (c. 250 ships)  what is your strategy in selling items, weapons,etc.pp.?

Is equipping ships a remedy?

Can you help / give tips, pls.?



selling resources will not free up the space, you have to sell equipment modules

I personally sell all modules I don’t need and have only mk4/5 modules atm. My storage is under 900 spaces, so plenty of free space

Im still under 600, sell mk1 stuff, rockets and ammos.

I like to keep my count on 420 because I’m 12.

I salvaged all my discontinued trophy modules (Mk2 & Mk4). Now I have 1043/1500 store space!!

I just sell any Mk1 equips or duplicate items that I’d never use. Selling materials is pointless and doesn’t relieve space like (someone above me) said, so generally any modules or weapons that you won’t use are best to sell.