storage space

Hi can anybody tell me how to get more storage space, everytime I unlock a ship and get ite modules I keep getting a msg saying not enough space and have to sell items off, and an soon going to run out of items to sell off ??

It is supposed to propose increasing storage space every time you do not have it enough. Anyway, you can go to your storage screen and press a button in the down left corner of the window. I’m not sure what the button looks like, but it seems like it was a “+”.

Yeah go to the warehouse and look at the bottom if I remember correctly. Watch out though, the maximum warehouse size is 1500. After this, it is not possible to increase further.  Maybe you have reached this number?



Adding to what everybody else has said here, do be aware that several DLCs increase the warehouse to the maximum of 1500. If you plan on ever getting one (which you should only ever do on sale. The prices are insane even when there’s a 50% sale) don’t increase your warehouse size too much.


To deal with having too much stuff in the warehouse, sell a couple things. First know that resources from open space stack, so selling most but leaving one or two will take the same warehouse space. Second, know that upgrade kits are a great source of credits (for selling mk. 2 kits) and iridium (for salvaging mk. 4 kits), so getting rid of them can help get over some economic hurdles. And third, sell those nasty white modules you never use. You’ll probably have like ten of each, since they come on every ship you ever buy. Don’t be stingy! You won’t need that much equipment.

Not enough warehouse space in a SPACE game